The Dunes… “The Miracle in the Desert”

      When the Dunes Hotel opened in Las Vegas, Nevada in the spring of 1955, Dick Haymes had been married to Rita Hayworth for over a year and a half. Looking at the photographs from the Dunes that are re-printed here, it is hard to believe that in a matter of months their marriage would go up in flames. At this late date, they were perfectly aware that both of their careers were permanently damaged by all of the bad press their union spurred. But nonetheless, they look like they are enjoying all of the paparazzi recording the memories of Dick Haymes’ opening night at this Las Vegas landmark in June of 1955.
      During Dick and Rita’s stay at the Dunes, veteran Bell captain Rudy Wolf remembered dealing with the diva. “I went up to Miss Hayworth’s suite to deliver an item. She greeted me in a terry cloth robe and curlers.” I jokingly said, “Is Miss Hayworth here?”, to which she replied in a haughty tone as if right out of a movie, “I’M Rita Hayworth!”
       Rudy Wolf also recalled, “Wally Cox played at the Dunes in 1955. He was on stage for about 11 minutes during the first show and he was immediately cancelled before having a chance to go on to the second show!”
      The Dunes Hotel, with its 200 rooms opened on May 23rd 1955 with the “Magic Carpet Review” starring the beautiful and talented Vera-Ellen accompanied by a cast of 60 dancers and singers. It was 8 years earlier that Dick starred with her in “Carnival in Costa Rica”.
      Six years later the hotel expanded to contain 450 rooms under its roof by adding a new 24-story hotel tower titled “Diamond of the Dunes”. The Dunes tower was the tallest building in the state for a short while. With all of the construction going on in Nevada it was only a matter of time before it shrunk back down to size.
      In the 1950s the wedding industry helped make Las Vegas one of the nation’s most popular venues for celebrity nuptials. Dick and Rita were married on September 24, 1953 at the Sands. Other famous couples married at various hotels in Las Vegas were Joan Crawford and Pepsi chairman Alfred Steele; Carol Channing and television executive Charles Lowe; and Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.
      Bright lights are what Vegas is all about so the signage at the Dunes in the late 1950s included a 35 feet tall fiberglass giant sultan that was perched on top of its roof. The sultan, in all of his glory with his billowing cape and plumed turban was moved to the golf course during the 1964 renovations. An electrical short in the stomach of the legendary character, apparently started a fire that destroyed the pictogram in 1985.
      Probably the most recognized sign was the onion dome silhouette, measuring 180 feet tall by 80 feet wide illuminated the skies in 1964. The onion dome evoked a “Thousand and One Nights” fantasy with electric lava erupting into the sky every minute. It was rumored that the sign, which contained 10,000 lighting units and several miles of neon tubing, cost the Dunes $47,500 a year to operate and the salaries of 3 full-time employees to service it.
      In 1959 a golf course was added to the Dunes growing landscape but it wasn’t until 1980 that the complex had a course that was real winner. It took 21 years for them to upgrade their mediocre golf course to unveil the 18-hole Emerald Green Championship Golf Course which extended a full mile from the back of the hotel. The course was the largest in the state totaling 7,240 yards with a par 72. This brilliant business venture brought nationally televised sporting events to the Dunes such as the PGA’s Tournament of Champions.
      In December of 1979, the Dunes expanded once again adding to its character a 17-story hi-rise to accompany the “Diamond of the Dunes”. The luxurious suites in the new tower were designed with multi-level floor-plans. Now the hotel could crow that their rooms totaled 1,300.
      With all of the problems the Dunes Hotel suffered through the years, it is hard to believe that it stood for almost 40 of them. The trouble started early during the planning stages. Movie magnate Al Gottesman, along with two friends from Las Vegas, purchased a horse ranch for $58,000. After several collaborations that didn’t work, Gottesman ended up with two other unlikely partners, one of them was Bob Rice, a Beverly Hills costume jeweler and the other was Joe Sullivan of the Rhode Island Group. Before the Dunes broke ground $2 million had been invested. They secured an agreement from an investment group from Rhode Island and additional monetary assistance came from the Teamsters Pension Fund.
      Even with the catchy slogan, “The Miracle in the Desert” the resort struggled. During the first year the Sands Casino owner Jake Freedman bought the Dunes and still could not make it work. The casino closed after one year even with the assistance of the Sands’ management team. In 1957 Jake Gottlieb bought the Dunes and hired Major Auterburn Riddle, to turn it around.
      Little did Gottlieb know how much the resort needed Riddle. He was always coming up with original ideas to keep people coming to the casino. One of the most brilliant business moves Riddle made was booking the “Minsky’s Follies”. Major Auterburn Riddle made history on January 10, 1957, by bringing bare-breasted stage shows to Nevada. Even with an initial uproar in the State Legislature, the show set a record for attendance of 16,000 people in a single week.
      In 1970 Howard Hughes considered purchasing the Dunes. He was trying to monopolize the casinos by buying the Desert Inn, Castaways, New Frontier, Landmark and the Silver Slipper. When he approached the Gaming Board with this contract he was told that he already had enough gaming licenses. Hughes could have dropped his license for the Castaways so he could close the deal but he decided against it and bowed out gracefully.
      At this time the property held acres of free parking, two giant swimming pools, a complete laundry, a dry cleaning plant and a staff of more than 2,300 employees. The resort also contained five outdoor tennis courts and a pro shop.
      In 1987, Japanese mega-millionaire investor Masao Nangaku purchased Dunes for $155 million but could not make it a financial success. Steve Wynn bought the Dunes for $75 million in 1992 and closed it down.
      The famous hotel met it’s demise in 1993, when cameras televised its implosion. Five years later on October 15th, 1998, the magnificent 36-story Bellagio Hotel & Casino opened to rave revues on the grounds that once held the Dunes Hotel. The $1.6 billion resort is the largest in “sin city” with a total of 3,026 rooms. Just try to get a reservation, even with all of those rooms, it is almost impossible, unless you are planning your trip at least 4 months in advance.
      Probably today when a celebrity performs in Las Vegas the event is taped. Unfortunately 50 years ago when Dick Haymes stood in front of a screaming crowd there were no video cameras. Perhaps one of our members was there and could tell us what it was like seeing the great Dick Haymes perform in Las Vegas…

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Dinah! – With a song, a kiss & a smile she won the hearts of America… By Susan Calter

How clearly I remember being surprised to see Dinah Shore in an old film on late night television in the early 70s. At first I thought I was mistaken, I only knew Dinah to be a singer and talk show hostess? The film was “Belle of the Yukon” (1944) and she played “the other woman” Lettie Candless opposite Gypsy Rose Lee. Both women were after the dashing “Honest John Calhoun” played by Randolph Scott. 57image01
It was not a great movie, thankfully the musical numbers made it a pleasant experience. After doing some research, the fact that Dinah Shore’s movie career faded by the early 50s was not surprising because it never amounted to much just like other female singers of that era. She was in 9 films from 1943 to 1952 and in most them she was only given bit parts. The movie moguls of the 1940s put all of their performers to work by placing them strategically in films to promote their careers and to give a boost to the war effort.
As a performer, the name “Fannie” worked well for the comical Miss Brice but not for Frances “Fannie” Rose Shore who was born on February 29, 1916, a leap-year. My guess is that Fannie Shore’s parents, who were Russian-Jewish immigrants named their second daughter after the Jewish comic who was celebrating a brilliant career in vaudeville. Young Fannie Shore would soon find out how cruel people could be in the Deep-South when she tried to assimilate into a world where Jewish people were not accepted.
Just before her second birthday Fannie was stricken with poliomyelitis. Polio was quite common in the United States in the 1920s and it was one of the most feared diseases during the first half of the 20th Century. In fact, the year Fannie was born the polio epidemic killed 6,000 and paralyzed 27,000 more. She beat the odds when her family was determined to obtain the best medical care and made sure that it was followed up by extensive therapy.
57image02 Fannie’s leg was damaged from the virus but through her determination and with the help from her loving parents the injury never became a permanent handicap. With perseverance and resolve Fannie used exercise to help beat her deformity becoming an excellent swimmer and tennis player in years later.
Anna Shore encouraged her little girl to sing and hoped that Fannie would experience the success that she was never able to pursue as a singer. Solomon Shore would play “proud Papa” taking Fannie to their dry goods store so she could sing for his customers.
When their youngest daughter turned eight, the Shore’s moved their growing family from rural Winchester, Tennessee northwest to Nashville long before the capital became a “Mecca” for musical talent. The family prospered there with Sol opening a successful department store and everything seemed to be going well.
Her parents and sister Bessie, who was much older than Fannie, encouraged her in every way they could making sure they did not miss any of her singing performances from grade school to graduation. Fannie experienced her first brush as a radio performer on a five-minute program at a Nashville radio station WSM-AM while still in her teens. It was the money earned doing her radio gig that paid for college.
Before Fannie finished high school her beloved mother died suddenly of a heart attack. The family was devastated and her father immediately wanted Fannie to give up her hopes and dreams of becoming a singer. Knowing how much a musical career would have meant to her mother she was not ready to give it up.
She continued her education and her love of singing at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University as a sociology major. While enjoying college she was popular and social. Cheerleading became a passion and she was determined to be great at it even with her shortened leg. During this time she studied music and sang with the well-known Francis Craig orchestra.
With the success she experienced with a professional orchestra Fannie traveled for the first time to New York before the start of her senior year at Vanderbilt. She was given the opportunity to audition with a few orchestras and radio stations. Knowing how important education would be for his daughter, Sol Shore insisted Fannie would finish her last year of college and receive her degree before perusing her dream. Before her father could blink, Fannie graduated in 1938 and moved to New York City. 57image03
Almost immediately the 22 year old graduate found herself working as a singer on the radio. After hearing this southern belle sing the song “Dinah” many times, New York disc jockey, Martin Block started calling her “Dinah girl” when he could not remember her name. It stuck and Fannie decided to take the name and become Dinah Shore.
By 1940 Dinah found herself recording with bandleader Xavier Cugat, the song they was “The Breeze and I,” a tune that was a hit for Bob Eberly. Before the end of the year, she became a regular on Eddie Cantor’s weekly radio show “Time to Smile.” along with another young singer, Frank Sinatra. Dinah felt blessed with her good fortune and she had great respect for Mr. Cantor who taught her comedic timing. She also credited “Old Banjo Eyes” for teaching her self-assurance and how to bond with an audience.  
Dinah auditioned for Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey but was not hired by either so she decided to be a solo singer. She signed a recording contract with RCA Victor on their Bluebird label. “Yes, My Darling Daughter,” “I Hear a Rhapsody” and “Jim” were just a few of her hits from 1940 to 1941.
Dick Haymes was one of Dinah’s favorite male singers, in fact she would find him where ever he was performing in New York City. The only time she had was after she finished work as it was ususally very late at night. She even traveled to Flushing Meadows to see him perform with Harry James at the New York World’s Fair in 1940
By 1942 Dinah celebrated her first million seller with “Blues in the Night.” In 1943, she had her own radio program sponsored by General Foods, “Call to Music.” By 1944 Dinah’s recording of “I’ll Walk Alone” became her first #1 hit on the charts. Critics described Dinah’s voice as “silky and light-as-air.”
Oddly enough most of the negative comments about her singing came from Dinah’s own admission, she knew that she did not have a great voice. Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday were her idols. She knew if she explicitly enunciated the lyrics and sang the tune without disquieting embellishment it would result in the classification of “easy listening.”
Dinah was lucky enough to work again with Eddie Cantor in 1943 in her first film, “Thank Your Lucky Stars.” It was one of those “everyone jump in the pool films” with guest appearance by oodles of Warner Brothers contract players. At this same time she starred on “Paul Whiteman Presents” radio program.
57image04 Romance came into Dinah’s life when she met a young actor who was about to enter the service at the USO Hollywood Canteen. On December 5, 1943 she married this shamefully handsome actor, George Montgomery. They were both 27 years old.
George’s parents were also immigrants from Russia but unlike Dinah he came from a huge family. George was the youngest of 15 children. His movie career was extensive, from 1935 to 1967 he was in 87 films. In fact from 1953 to 1955 he was ranked as one the top five box-office movie idols.
The Montgomery’s were the “hot” new Hollywood couple. They were so popular as husband and wife that Whitman Publishing Company published “Dinah Shore and George Montgomery Cut-Outs,” a book of paper dolls. Strange to think that George who usually played a macho character was a paper doll on the side?
When George returned from the service they settled in the San Fernando Valley. Their first child Melissa Ann was born on January 4, 1948. In March of 1954 the Montgomery’s adopted a son John “Jody” David and moved to Beverly Hills. Their union faired better than most famous couples, lasting 19 years, divorcing in 1962. 57image05
During World War II, Dinah became the first woman entertainer to visit our servicemen on the front lines. Little did she know that with every visit she was winning the hearts of thousands of our men in uniform. She spent so much in her early career entertaining the troops that Bob Hope commented “Dinah Shore has been sent to more bases than chipped beef.” She was so adored that she was nicknamed “V-2” and a bridge in France was named after her. Dinah made more than 300 performance broadcasts between 1940 and 1945 for the Armed Forces Radio Network. She received the USO Medallion Award for all of her diligent efforts.
In 1946 Dinah changed recording companies and signed with Columbia. Between 1946 and 1949 Dinah experienced great success with her records. She had six songs that hit #1 on the Hit Parade and stayed there for more than a month …”The Gypsy,” “I Love You for Sentimental Reasons,” “Anniversary Song,” “I Wish I Didn’t Love You So,” “Buttons and Bows” and “Dear Hearts and Gentle People.” From 1940 to 1950 Dinah had 67 chart hits. She was selling roughly two million phonograph records per year.
During her recording career Dinah Shore earned nine gold records. As rock’ n’ roll became the music of the day, Dinah like others singers from her era started to feel the pinch with declining record sales. The era of sweet music was ending abruptly.
In 1950 she debuted on television on the Ed Wynn Show and was a guest on Bob Hope’s first show. At this point, little did Dinah know how much television would change her career and her life forever…she started small …but with a big punch.
NBC along with Chevrolet decided to take a chance and develop and produce a 15 minute musical show that premiered November 27, 1951. The show was broadcast on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. and it was called the “Dinah Shore Show.” At the end of each show she would sing “See The USA In Your Chevrolet,” and throw a kiss to her audience, this became part of her persona. In 1952, she was chosen most popular female vocalist by the Gallup poll and in 1955 she won her first of 9 Emmys she would win by the end of her career.
By 1956 NBC felt it was time to overhaul the “Dinah Shore Show” by making it a hour long variety program called “The Dinah Shore Chevy Show.” This decision in part was based on two successful specials Dinah did for Chevrolet earlier that same year not to mention a Peabody Award and another Emmy.
Expanding to an hour gave their creative team lots to think about. Now the show could feature choreographed musical numbers and sketches. Special guest stars were picked strategically and were very well received by the viewers. The vocal quintet, the Skylarks along with the Harry Zimmerman Orchestra worked with Dinah to make the transition a winner. Various dancing groups were also featured, and during a couple of seasons (1961-62), The Frank DeVol Orchestra substituted for Zimmerman’s. This union lasted until 1961 when Dinah changed sponsors and continued her show for another two years.
Perry Como was the only other singer hosting a television show at this time to get better ratings than Dinah. Perry’s show often ranked in the Nielsen’s top 25.
Shortly after her divorce in 1962, Dinah married tennis player, Maurice F. Smith in 1963 and divorced him a year later. Now with her television show over, Dinah still kept busy doing guest appearances and playing nightclubs in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. She changed her record label again to Capitol and produced several albums. The recordings prompted her to do concerts across the country. 57image06
In 1970 television watchers were thrilled to see the return of Dinah Shore but this time is was for daytime viewers. Again NBC designed another show for their special star called “Dinah’s Place.” The half hour show had Dinah singing and sharing homemaking hints with her audience. Besides guests she even did a little cooking (pre Martha!). Even though she won another Emmy for “Dinah’s Place,” NBC decided not to renew the show after the fourth year. Before the end of that year CBS offered her a 90 minute daily show entitled “Dinah!”
At this time Dinah started dating Burt Reynolds after he appeared as a guest on her show. The scandal was, of course, that Dinah was 19 years older than Burt. Thankfully the press was not as invasive then as they are today so the coverage of their affair was vague. In 1994 Burt Reynolds tearfully stated after hearing of the death of Dinah, “Hollywood has lost its greatest and only real angel. Dinah is what God meant when he strived to make perfection.” To this day, Reynolds still says that Dinah was the big romance of his life.
The show was a huge hit with great guests, wonderful music and interesting conversation (pre Oprah!). Dick Haymes was on her show twice and they enjoyed singing duets together. Dinah had many interests and she made sure she brought them into focus on her show. She loved entertaining, photography, painting and cooking. Her cooking segments were so well received that she published three books on the subject …”Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah,” “The Dinah Shore Cookbook” and “Dinah Shore’s American Kitchen.” “Dinah!” ended in 1980.
Andy Kaufman as “Tony Clifton” was a guest on “Dinah!” At this point in his career no one really knew what “Tony” was about and why Dinah had him on her show is still a mystery. During the interview, Dinah asked him some questions that he did not want to answer. Annoyed and offended “Tony Clifton” tipped a pan of eggs over Dinah’s head on “live television! The producers cut to an unscheduled commercial and Kaufman was removed from the studio…Dinah was humiliated.
In 1972 Dinah was asked to host the Colgate golf tournament for lady golfers and she enthusiastically accepted. After accepting the honor she thought that it would be a good idea to take up the sport. One of the most prestigious golf tournaments on the LPGA tour, the Colgate/Dinah Shore Winner’s Circle Golf Championship is now the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Now 33 years later, it is still being held at Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs California.
In 1979 Dinah once again had a new show on the air called “Dinah and Friends.” It was the basic format of her other successful programs. This incarnation ended in 1984. Cable’s Nashville Network asked her to return to television in 1989 with “Conversation with Dinah.” Again she was hostess to many top celebrities engaging them in interesting conversation. In 1992 Dinah was inducted into the TV Hall of Fame of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Orlando, Florida.
“Dinah Shore – loved by all who knew her and millions who never did.” These are the words etched into Dinah’s grave marker at Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California. Even though she fought polio as a young child she lived a very healthy life until 1993 when she experienced stomach pains. The news was not good, after extensive tests she was given the grave news that she had ovarian cancer. She kept the news quite and on February 24, 1994, the announcement was made, Dinah died in Beverly Hills 5 days before her 78th birthday.
George Montgomery remained close to Dinah and guest-starred on many of her television programs. After his acting career was over George became a very successful designer. Upon Dinah’s death he designed and created a bronze sculpture from their favorite family portrait. The statue stands at the entrance to the Dinah Shore Tournament Course at the Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage.
Dinah Shore held American television viewers in the palm of her hand for over 40 years, yet she was humbled by it. Is it any wonder that she was named “Most Admired Woman” by the Gallup poll four times? We knew immediately that she was the real thing. She knew how hard it was to fit in as a young child so she made sure everyone else who she came in contact in her life would never feel like they were out-of-the-loop …

Dick & Rita Part 1-4 Compiled by Susan Calter

Dick Haymes Deportation Move Argued Morning Herald – 6/30/54
LOS ANGELES – June 29 (AP) – The Los Angeles Director of Immigration testified today that a Washington official of the service ordered the deportation arrest of crooner Dick Haymes before the expiration of a 60 day truce But Herman Landon. called as a government witness at Haymes deportation hearing, denied that U S Atty Gen Herbert Brownell discussed the case with him “directly or indirectly.” Brownell’s name entered the case yesterday when Haymes’ counsel asked another witness if the attorney general had ordered the deportation arrest Landon also denied that he en-trapped Haymes, as alleged by the singer, into leaving the United States for Hawaii “I would have warned Mr. Haymes that he would be excludable had I known about his Trip before he took it” he said. Landon said that the transcript of a statement Haymes made after his return from Hawaii last July was sent ‘in routine fashion to Washington” He said that an unnamed reviewing officer of the Immigration Service mailed him two or three weeks later and said “‘giving Haymes additional time would have no purpose”
      Landon said he had previously instructed an investigator that “if the circumstances warranted. Haymes could have the usual time to have his legal status adjusted.”
      A statement introduced yesterday showed Mat’ Haymes was promised 60 days in which to seek special congressional help on his case. He was arrested less than 30 days after the promise was made. Landon. under direct examination denied the story of Richard Cody, a former immigration official and Hayrnes star witness He denied ever telling Cody not to warn Haymes that a tap to Hawaii would make him deportable.
Los Angeles Times July 1, 1952
Columbia Studio Denies Hinted Haymes Case Link

A Columbia Pictures spokesman yesterday branded as ‘completely and unequivocally false” suggestions that the studio or its president. Harry Cohn, was in any way involved in Dick Harms deportation difficulties.
Haymes’ attorneys. including David C. Marcus and Bartley Crum, tried, apparently unsuccessfully, at die singer’s second deportation hearing Tuesday to implicate the studio and Cohn in die case.
Telegram From Attorney
    Yesterday the studio released a telegram it. reported en having been received by B. B. Kahane, vice-president of Columbia, from Cnim, representing both the singer and his wife, Rita Hayworth, last March 29, the telegram follows:
    “You have wired me that Western papers carry statements attributed to Rita and Dick implying that pressure by film interests was responsible for action taken by the Immigration Department against Dick and that natural conclusion Hollywood would draw was that reference was to Harty Cohn, president of Columbia:
    In the firm place no such statements were made by Rita or Dick only statements have made by me and none of my statements were intended to imply that Columbia or Mr. Cohn were in any way involved responsible for Immigration Department action. I meant what I said namely. that I believed “proceedings were inspired from a source or sources outside government and that Haymes was getting a raw deal. Disclosures of past week confirm my belief”
Refers to Affidavit
    The “disclosures” mentioned by Cries referred to publication of an affidavit from a former Immigration Service employee which suggested that Haymes had been entrapped into making himself subject to deportation in taking a trip to Hawaii last year.

Haymes Faces New Trouble Daily Inter Lake – Kalispell, Montana – 7/7/54
LOS ANGELES (UP) —Superior Judge Elmer D Doyle yesterday issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Dick Haymes when the singer failed to appear at contempt hearings in connection with former wife Nora Flynn Haymes charges he awes her $3,800 in back alimony. The warrant for Haymes’ arrest was the second in five days. Last Fnday a Santa Monica Judge ordered Haymes arrested when he failed to appear on charges he owes another ex-wife, Joanne Dru. $4,800 in child support. Judge Doyle overruled an attempt by Haymes’ attorney. David Marcus. to crush yesterday’s warrant. Marcus argued that Haymes should not have been served with a subpoena on the alimony matter recently when he was in Los Angeles for a re-hearing of his deportation case. Marcus said he would appeal Judge Doyle’s decision. Nora Flynn Haymes said the singer, now the husband of actress Rita Hayworth. agreed to pay her $100 a week support and so tar has only made one payment. In the Friday action, Haymes was declared in contempt for failing to appear on charges he owed Miss Dru $4,800 for support of their children. Action on the warrant was delayed until July 11 to give Haymes a chance to appear or settle his account Nora Flynn Haymes appeared in the same court soon afterward to ask that another of her ex-husbands. actor Errol Flynn. be held in contempt because he owes her $58.500 for support of their two children. The matter was continued until November when the court was informed Flynn had paid $2,500 toward the total and would pay the balance by November. 
Dick Haymes Again Ordered Deported After Rehearing Sheboygan Press – 8/3/54
LOS ANGELES – Singer Dick Haymes, husband of actress Rita Hayworth, again has been ordered deported following a rehearing of his case. Ralph Farb. special inquiry officer for the immigration and naturalization service, upheld Monday the deportation order issued last March 23 after Haymes’ first hearing. The rehearing was ordered after Haymes appealed to the board of immigration appeals in Washington. D. C. contending that he had been the victim of entrapment when he went to Hawaii in June last year to visit Miss Hayworth. Haymes had supported his appeal with an affidavit horn Richard R. Cody, former immigration service employee here. Cody’s affidavit said immigration officials had instructed him not to warn Haymes he would be ineligible to re-enter the mainland, once he left, unless he had a special permit. Farb ruled there is no evidence substantiating Cody’s claim and cleared Herman R. Landon, district immigration officer here. of Haymes’ entrapment charge. Farb gave the singer 10 days to appeal again to the Washington board. and Haymes’ counsel said they would do so immediately. The governments case against Haymes is based upon the singers registration as a neutral alien during World War II. thus avoiding military service as a citizen of Argentina Counsel for the government contended that, having claimed neutral status. Haymes forfeited eligibility for American citizenship Attorneys for Haymes maintained that it is immigration service practice to warn aliens that they need a special permit to re-enter this country, should they leave it.
Alien Ruled Not Eligible To Be Citizen Hayworth’s Spouse Loses Plea to Stay Nevada State Journal – 8/3/54
HOLLYWOOD, Aug 2 (IP)— Crooner Dick Haymes was ordered deported today by Immigration Service Special Inquiry Officer Ralph Farb on grounds he was an alien ineligible for citizenship. Farb upheld the governments’ claim that Haymes, husband of film star Rita Hayworth. should be deported because he left continental United States without permission and was ineligible for citizenship on grounds he had claimed draft exemption as an alien.
      Attorneys for the crooner had the case re-opened on grounds that Haymes was entrapped by the local immigration officer. Herman Landon. who faded to notify him he might be subject to deportation if he left on a Hawaiian trip.
      Farb said that the entrapment claim was not borne out by evidence submitted at the re-hearing held last month, Haymes made the trip to Hawaii June 1955 to press his courtship of the red-haired film star who subsequently married him in Las Vegas, Nev.
      The hearing officers statement in upholding the deportation order said that Haymes had made no showing that there was any truth to the statements of former immigration employee Richard Cody on whose affidavit the case was reopened.
      Cody, who has left the immigration service, claimed that Landon told him not to warn Haymes he might be excludable from the country if he made the Hawaiian trip. Landon denied the statement and the government brought In other testimony to concur in Landons’ claim that he did nothing to entrap the singer into making the trip.
      The special inquiry officer said that Haymes now has 10 days to appeal the order back to the board of immigration appeals in Washington. Immigration Service spokesman said such appeals usually take from 30 to 60 days before they are heard. Now In Nevada the deportation order was turned over to U. S. Marshals for service on Haymes’ Los Angeles attorney, David Marcus. The singer and his wife had been vacationing in Nevada following the local hearing.
      He is being sought on a bench warrant in southern California on the claim of one of his former wives. Joanne Dru that he was behind in payments for support of their three children. Mother ex-wife, Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes, also has a court action pending in which she accuses Haymes of being behind in alimony payments to her Haymes, during the original deportation proceedings, denied that he sought draft exemption on grounds he was a citizen of a neutral country, Argentina. He claimed he was turned down on at least two physical examinations for military service but conceded he might have subsequently signed papers giving other reason for his not going into service. It was on the basis of Cody’s statement made after the original deportation order was issued that the Appeals Board in Washington ordered the re-hearing
Dick Haymes Deportation Appeal Due The Galveston News – 8/4/54
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Singer Dick Haymes. husband of actress Rita Hayworth. again has been ordered deported following a rehearing of his case. Ralph Farb, special inquiry officer for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. upheld yesterday the deportation order issued last March 23 after Haymes’ first hearing. The rehearing was ordered after Haymes appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington, D.C.. contending he had been the victim of entrapment when he went to Hawaii in June last year to visit Miss Hayworth. Haymes had supported his appeal with an affidavit. train Richard R. Cody. former Immigration Service employee here. Cody’s affidavit said immigration officials had instructed him not to warn Haymes he would be ineligible to re-enter the mainland, once he left. unless he had a special permit. Farb ruled there was no evidence substantiating Cody’s claim and cleared Herman R. Landon. district immigration officer here. of Haymes’ entrapment charge. Farb gave the singer 10 days to appeal again to the Washington board and Haymes’ counsel said they would do so immediately The government’s case against Haymes is based upon the singer’s registration as a neutral alien during World War II. thus avoiding military service as a citizen of Argentina Counsel for the government contended that. having claimed neutral status, Haymes forfeited eligibility for American citizenship Attorneys for Haymes maintained that it is Immigration Service practice to warn aliens that they need a special permit to reenter this country, should they leave it David Marcus. Haymes’ attorney here. said Farb’s order is directly contrary to Cody’s affidavit.
      Our thanks to Susan for all the time and hard work she spent researching and locating all of these press reports for this article. Susan has also supplied most of the photos for the article from her collection.
      These items appeared mostly in various newspapers around the country from the period of Dick’s deportation hearings in 1953 thru Dick and Rita’s marriage and divorce in 1955. They indicate just what the general public saw reported on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. before most of the jackals in the press chose sides and picked Rita as the sweet. innocent victim and Dick the ‘draft-dodging’ scheming villain.
      Sadly for Haymes, as others have written, Dick never fully recovered his career or reputation from all the nasty articles that followed him the rest of his life.
End of Part 1


Dick & Rita Part 1-3 Compiled by Susan Calter

VFW Acted In Haymes’ Deportation Proceedings – Commander Reveals  Newsport Daily News – 3/25/54
MANCHESTER N. H. – Wayne E Richards. national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said last night his organization had something to do with trying to get crooner Dick Flames deported He told a banquet meeting that the VFW had asked U.S Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell to deport Haymes. and added “I read In some of the papers that Dick and his wife, Rita Hayworth are charging ‘pressure in government for their departure’. They don’t identify the influence. I’ll gladly take pad of the influence.” He said also: “I say if any man like Haymes makes a lot of dough in this country and is afraid, or refuses to serve his country in time of need, he can go back to Argentina and take Rita with him.” Neither Haymes nor his attorney could be reached for comment.
WASHINGTON (AP) – After a whirling dervish visit to the nation’s capital. Crooner Dick Haymes took off for New York declaring “they haven’t got a chance of kicking me out of the country” But the singer. husband of Rita Hayworth. declined to say immediately just how he expects to escape deportation to his native Argentina. The immigration service ordered his deportation on the grounds of illegal re-entry into the country last June.
      Haymes said he hoped to have a statement of his plans in two or three days – “when I know what I am going to do – which I do not now.” But apparently in good humor after a day spent in Washington he added. “I haven’t a worry in the world.” With Haymes was his attomey Bartley Crum, who said he tned without success to reach Sen. Langer (R) of North Dakota. Langer was on the Senate floor during much of the day. Crum said he will return to Washington today and try again to see Langer, whom he has asked to check immigration files on Haymes’ case. Crum said he believes some source outside of government inspired the deportation action against Haymes and said “In those files we understand there is the name of the informant”
Rita Renews Passport – Dick Snaps at Newsmen Charleston Gazette – 3/31/54
NEW YORK – March 20 – Rita Hayworth, with husband Dick Haymes at her side. got her passport renewed today. Haymes, who has been ordered deported from the U S would say whether they are giving up the fight to have the crooner remain in America. The red-haired movie actress, Haymes and Rita’s older daughter. 10 year-old Rebecca Welles made a personal appearance at the U S passport agency In Rockefeller Center. Rita. wearing a full-length mink coat. and Haymes. unshaven and wearing dark glasses, let Rita’s lawyer. Bartley Crum, do their talking for them. The actress stared at the wall as Crum arranged the renewal of her passport and those of her children. Rebecca and four year old Princess Yasmin.
      Yasmin remained at Rita’s Madison Hotel suite. Crum refused to comment on the status of Haymes’ appeal from deportation to his native Argentina. The lawyer’s explanation of the passport renewals was “It’s always wise to have your passport in order.” Neither Rita nor Haymes spoke as they signed papers changing the name on Rita’s passport from Princess Aly Khan to Mrs Dick Haymes Rita who has said she will follow Haymes if he is deported. appeared nervous and pale. The crooner, who has been ordered deported on illegal entry grounds. snapped “no comment’ when asked if he planned to give up his appeal.
      Haymes, it was teamed, has received an Argentinean passport permitting him to travel as a citizen of Argentina An unconfirmed rumor reported Haymes and Rite with her children, plan to go to Europe next month. But Dick and Rita both refused to answer questions as to their travel plans. Crum also declined to comment on the effect a trip abroad would have on Haymes’ deportation appeal.
      It was Rita’s second try today for a passport renewal. She arrived first in the morning. but refused to wait in line and got her papers signed and paid for in 15 minutes. The couple made their exit hand-in-hand, with little Rebecca trotting along on one side and Crum warding off autograph fans on the other.
Los Angeles Examiner March 16, 1954
Ex – U. S. Official Says He Was Ordered Not to Talk

      A former Immigration official yesterday said he had been ordered not to warn Crooner Dick Haymes that be would face deportation upon his return from a Honolulu visit with Rita Hayworth last summer.
      In an affidavit, Richard Cody, of Huntington Park, attorney and former head of the Immigration Service’s border crossing unit here, said the order was contradictory to the department’s usual policy of advising aliens of technicalities that might cause them trouble
      Haymes local attorney, David Marcus, said Cody’a statement indicated a ‘trap was laid” for the singer. He added that the document would be submitted to the Senate judiciary committee, which has been asked to investigate the Haymes deportation order. ASKED ADVICE —
Cody, who left the service last January, said the Argentine-born Haymes had been issued an alien registration receipt card by him last May 25.
      Haymes requested advice Cody said, as to what documents were necessary for his re-entry.
      “I told him the card I issued him would suffice,’ said Cody, adding that he did not know at that time that Haymes had forfeited his right to apply for citizenship, and thus legal re-entry, by having claimed World War 11 draft exemption as neutral alien.
      An unnamed superior then advised Cody that Haymes had claimed the draft exemption and possibly was excludable under provisions of the 1952 McCarron Act. DENIED —
“I asked if we should warn Mr. Haymes,” Cody stated, “but my superior said it was not necessary to advise him concerning his possible excludability.”
      Informed of the affidavit, Herman R. Landon, local director of Immigration and Naturalization, denied knowing of such an order to Cody.
“I did not know of the possibly excludability of Harries until after he returned from Hawaii, after which 1 instituted an investigation,” he said.
      Landon denied “outside pressure” had prompted the inquiry Miss Hayworth has implied Hollywood interests sought to break up her romance with Haymes last summer to protect her as a revenue producer.

Lawyer Says Dick Haymes Was Victim —
Claims Plot To Deport Singer
The Bee – 5/12/54
WASHINGTON DC – Dick Haymes- lawyer charges that the Argentine-born crooner is the victim of an official effort to get him out of the country by “any means moral or immoral Welburn May cock Haymes’ Washington attorney so argued yesterday in seeking to convince the Board of Immigration Appeals to set aside a government deportation order pending against the singer The board took the case under consideration After hearing Maycock’s argument. the government said it would let its case against Haymes stand on the record. but might file a brief later.

      WASHINGTON DC – Dick Haymes- lawyer charges that the Argentine-born crooner is the victim of an official effort to get him out of the country by “any means moral or immoral Welburn May cock Haymes’ Washington attorney so argued yesterday in seeking to convince the Board of Immigration Appeals to set aside a government deportation order pending against the singer The board took the case under consideration After hearing Maycock’s argument. the government said it would let its case against Haymes stand on the record. but might file a brief later. The government contends Haymes lost his eligibility for citizenship when during World War II he claimed exemption as an alien from the draft It brought its deportation action against the 35-year-old singer after Haymes visited Hawaii last June to be with movie actress Rita Hayworth whom he later married The government contended Haymes left the country and re-entered illegally Neither Haymes nor Miss Hayworth was on hand when Maycock argued that f Haymes departure was “in-voluntary” because the immigration service did not warn him he might be deportable if he left continental U S shores Maycock characterized this failure to warn Haymes as “just the same as lying to him ” Maycock introduced a deposition horn Richard R Cody a 10-year employee of the-immigration service at Los Angeles in which Cody said his superiors had given him specific instructions not to caution Haymes he might be deportable if he went to Hawaii Cody said it was routine practices to tell aliens what might happen to them if they left the country “If I had been permitted to I would have warned Mr Haymes of his possible exclusion,” the deposition said. The attorney said this amounted to ‘a complete-case of official entrapment” and that it appeared “somebody pretty high” was trying to gel I laymen at any price using any means. moral or immoral to get him out of the country” 2 Haymes never left the country because Hawaii is a U S territory 3 Haymes cannot be deported because of an 1853 treaty between Argentina and the United States which guarantees free travel to nationals in each other’s territory 4 The draft-exemption paper which Haymes signed in 1944 should be disregarded since the singer disclaimed it shortly afterwards and sought to enlist In the Army The attorney said re was elected because docto-s found he suffered from hypertension

Board Suspends Deportation of Actor Haymes Derrick – 5/26/54
WASHINGTON – The Board of Immigration Appeals today suspended a deportation order standing against actor I singer Dick Haymes husband of actress Rita Hayworth The board ordered the Immigration Service to re-open Haymes case for further hearings. The board acted on the basis of a charge by Haymes’ attorney that the 35-year-old crooner had been subjected to “entrapment by immigration officials when he went to Hawaii last June to visit Miss Hayworth whom he subsequently married When the board argument on the deportation order entered in Marcn Haymes lawyer offered an affidavit by Richard R Cody former Immigration Service employee Ispi at Los Angeles Cody said in the Affidavit that when Haymes arranged the Hawaii trip immigration officials instructed Cody not to warn Haymes that he might be ineligible to resume residence in the Untied States once he left the mainland.
The attorney Welbum Maycock told the board that there appeared to be on official effort to get the Argentine – born Haymes out of the country by any means moral or immoral Immigration officials have said that Haymes claimed exemption from the draft dunng World War It as an alien and that nrs return to the United States violated the conditions of his admissibility here.
      Haymes’ counsel argued at the May hearing that the singer never actually left the country, since Hawaii is U.S. territory. They contented the draft-exemption paper which Haymes signed in 1944 should be disregarded too, because he disclaimed it soon afterwards and toed to enlist in the army The attorneys said he was rejected because doctors found he suffered from hypertension.
Haymes Attorney Asks If Brownell Ordered Arrest  Corpus Christi Times 6/29/54-
by James Bacon
LOS ANGELES. June 29 (AP) – Did Atty Gen Herbert Brownell order the arrest of Dick Haymes in spite of the government promised 60 day truce Counsel for the crooner said that question will be asked today of Herman Landon, director of the Los Angeles district of the U.S. Immigration Service, most important witness called yet in the reopened deportation hearing.
ARREST ORDER TRACED – David Marcus attorney for Haymes posed the question yesterday for Thomas D. McDermott, the immigration official who arrested Haymes last August on a warrant issued by Landon. McDermott said he had no recollection of who ordered the arrest. McDermott testified that on July 8. 1953, he told Haymes the government would allow him a 60-day grace period in which he could adjust his legal status and seek special congressional help. If during the 60 day period. some congressman or senator would introduce a bill in Haymes’ behalf then, McDermott said he promised, the immigration authorities would grant the crooner another 60 days before taking action.
      Haymes arrest came on Aug 5. 1953 less than a month after the promise was made the record shows “Is it not true.” asked Marcus of McDermott “that Mr Landon ordered the arrest warrant served on instructions of the attorney general of the United States, “I have no recollection,” McDermott replied. Haymes was arrested on the deportation charge shortly after he returned from a romantic visit with Rita Hayworth, now Mrs. Haymes, in Hawaii The crooner was ordered deported following an earlier hearing. The government contended Haymes was not eligible for admission to the mainland after leaving since he had claimed draft exemption during World War II as a citizen of a neutral country, his native Argentina.

CLAIMS ENTRAPMENT – The hearing was reopened after Richard Cody. a former Immigration official, made an affidavit to the effect that Landon instructed him not to warn Haymes that the Hawaiian trip would make him exportable. A parade of immigration officials, from information clerk to chief of the entry and departure section. testified that it was policy and practice of the department to warn aliens of any technicalities that might bar their re-entry into the United States. Haymes’ counsel contends that the singer was entrapped In making himself liable for deportation

Dick & Rita Part 1-2 Compiled by Susan Calter

Rita Calls it ‘Rotten’
Crooner Haymes to Be Deported
Los Angeles Times – 3/23/54
LOS ANGELES – Crooner Dick Haymes today was ordered deported to his native Argentina on a charge of illegally re-entering the United States after visiting Rita Hayworth in Hawaii last June. His attorney promptly appealed this cruel and inhuman banishment, emanating from inspired proceedings” to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington.
      The attorney. David C. Marcus. said Haymes will fight the order to the U. S. Supreme Court if necessary. Marcus declined to elaborate his claim of “inspired proceedings.” In New York, Miss Hayworth. now Haymes’ wife echoed Marcus’ sentiment when she declared. “I will stand by Dick. There is something rotten in this procedure Her attorney. Bartley Crum, said Haymes’ debts could be settled for 820,000, exclusive of what he owes Joanne Dru, his former wife. Haymes has a number of singing contracts, Crum said, and “he and Rita have signed for a motion picture.” District Director Herman R. Landon of the Immigration and Naturalization Service announced the deportation order It said
1. A special inquiry officer found that Haymes became ineligible to citizenship because he obtained a World War II draft exemption as a neutral alien.
2. Upon returning to continental United States from Hawaii last June 7, Haymes was “excludable by law at that time” and accordingly was found deportable.
3. Haymes failed to give notice of his address during January 1953 and did not establish that the failure to do so was reasonably excusable or was not willful.” The medal inquiry officer, Joseph A Dummel, found that Haymes was therefore subject to deportation under another provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.
      Concerning this portion of the charge. Crum la New York said the singer attempted to give notice of his address on Saturday. Jan. 31, but found the office closed and made the notification on Feb 2. Haymes and Miss Hayworth, whom he married last fall, are in New York. The film star is his fourth wife. The deportation order said ‘The record shows that on several occasions Haymes claimed to have been born in the United States. He did not register as an alien in 1940 as required by the Allen Registration Act He did not register until required to do so by the Immigration and Naturalization, Service in August 1944.” Marcos said Haymes tried three times to enter U. S military service. took physical examinations, and was rejected for physical unfitness. Haymes then “unhesitatingly gave of his talents, energy and efforts to our armed forces and was cited by every branch of the military and naval forces of the United States for outstanding meritorious service during the war.” the attorney continued.
Haymes Asks – Who Started Deportation Waterloo Daily Courier – 3/24/54
NEW YORK — Dick Haymes and Rita Hayworth asked friends in Washington Wednesday to find out who “inspired” the government deportation action against the Argentine-Dom crooner. Bartley Crum. attorney for the singer and his red-haired actress wife, charged that “interested parties brought pressure on the government” to deport Haymes and sabotage his six-month marriage to Rita. ‘There are parties who want to see this marriage broken up.” Crum said. Miss Hayworth said she would stick by her trouble-plagued husband “to the end” in his fight against the deportation order landed down Tuesday by the U. S. Immigration Service. Haymes. through his attorney, said he will fight the case to the U S Supreme Court if necessary. District Director Herman R Landon of the U. S. Immigration Service declared. This order is final and a deportation warrant will be issued forthwith.”
      May Be Appealed – However, Landon said. the deportation order may be appealed within 15 days to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington. D C.. and in such case the deportation will be held up pending a decision. Haymes’ attorney. David Marcus. immediately termed the action “cruel and inhuman banishment.’ The attorney said the crooner. now in New York with Miss Hayworth. whom he married after the trip to Hawaii. will fight “to vindicate his honor, his reputation and to clear his name from these unwarranted and unjustified charges”
      Filed Draft Exemption – Landon. in his announcement said Special Inquiry Officer Joseph A. Dummel found that Haymes was ineligible for U S citizenship because’ he filed an application for draft exemption as a neutral alien. The inquiry officer ruled that because of this application Haymes became subject by law to exclusion from this country. Landon said a second reason for the deportation order was a finding that Haymes had failed to furnish notification of his address during January. 1953. and did not establish that such failure was reasonably excusable or was not willful. Marcus’ statement said Visit to Hawaii “Stripped of its legal verbiage, the order is predicated upon a visit in 1953 of Mr. Haymes to the Territory of Hawaii and his return to California in a matter of days and the filing of his address report one day late with the Immigration Service. The attomey said Haymes three times tried to enter U. S military service, took physical examinations for this purpose “was rejected solely because of physical unfitness and then unhesitatingly gave of his talents energy and efforts to our armed forces.” Haymes attorney added ‘We have taken an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington.”
Singer Dick Haymes Applies for Passport to Argentina Wisconsin State Journal – 3/25/54
WASHINGTON – Crooner Dick Haymes today sporting a beard but minus his beautiful wife Rita Hayworth, applied for a passport Wednesday to return to his native Argentina Haymes. who was ordered to leave the United Statee flew to Washington for a visit at the Argentine Embassy Officials say he was applying for a passport. It was not mentioned if he would leave US voluntanly. Haymes’ attorney. Bartley Crum, said ‘the charges against him were pretty thin Crum indicated skullduggery on the part of unnamed person in an effort to break up his clients six – month maniage to Rita.
       After a visit of nearly an hour with Ambassador Hipolito Pan. Haymes avoided reporters and slipped out a back door An embassy spokesman said Haymes left word he had “no comment.” He said he assumed that Haymes would get his passport. Haymes gave embassy officials no indications of his travel plane Crum had said he and his client might see Cherman William Langer (R-N.D. ) of the Senate Judiciary Committee which handles immigration matters. They apparently made no effort to do so. however. Langer said his only interest in the case is to see that Haymes gets a “square deal” from the government.
      Haymes’ troubles started when he pursued Rita to Hawaii In a widely – publicized courtship The U.S.Immigration Service said he re-entered this country illegally.

Dick & Rita Part 1-1 Compiled by Susan Calter


DICK HAYMES DEPORTATION HEARING —(In this rare inside-the-courtroom photo, Dick is shown testifying on witness stand.) A deportation hearing which lasted five hours, was held before special Immigration inquiry officer Joseph A. Dummel (left) last night as singer Dick Haymes fought to escape deportation. Others present as new charges were filed are stenographer Betty Hansen and Examiner Thomas J. Nolan (seated right). In background is Dick Haymes and flanked by his attorneys, Robert Eaton and David Marcus. (LA Examiner August 27. 1953)

Rita Rejects Offer of $1 Million for Divorce Settlement
Portsmouth Herald – 9/11/53

LAS VEGAS. Nevada – Rita Hayworth last night turned down a million-dollar divorce settlement from Aly Khan for support of their five-year-old daughter Yasmin. “Nothing will make me give up Yasmin’s chance to live here in America among our precious freedoms and habits.” the film star told the Associated Press. Her attorney said Prince Aly had attached two conditions to the million-dollar offer: (A) Yasmin was to be exposed to Moslem teachings when she is seven and (B) the child was to be brought to Europe two or three months each year. Rita said “While I respect the Moslem faith and all other faiths, it is my earnest wish that my daughter be raised as a normal, healthy American girl in the Christian faith. There isn’t any amount of money in the entire world that is worth sacrificing this child’s privilege of living as a normal Christian girl here in the United States. There just isn’t anything else in the world that can compare with her sacred chance for that, and I’m going to give it to Yasmin regardless of what it costs.” The glamorous redhead, wearing a simple black dress, made the announcement on the veranda of her second-floor hotel suite.

She is in Las Vegas visiting her intended next husband. crooner Dick Haymes. who is establishing a Nevada residence before suing for divorce from Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes. With Rita was her attorney, Bartley Crum. who had flown from a Paris conference with Aly’s attorney. Miss Hayworth instructed Crum to cable her refusal tomorrow to Aly’s attorney. Charles Torem in Paris. Crum said Torem told him that in the event Rita turned down the million-dollar proposal. Torem might come here for further discussion with the actress. Under terms of a Reno, Nevada divorce she obtained from Aly last January 26, Miss Hayworth has exclusive custody of the child. At that time Aly agreed to pay $48,000 a year for Yasmin’s support. but Crum said Aly has made only -one small payment.” The attorney remarked in Rita’s presence that she feels her former husband should have visitation rights but that he will have to visit Yasmin in America. Crum said Prince Aly’s fabulously wealthy father. Aga Khan III. spiritual leader of millions of Islamic Moslems, is “quite interested in Yasmin; she is his only granddaughter.”

Rita and Singer Sign Property Agreement Long Beach Press Telegram – 9/19/53                                                                                                                 Rita Hayworth, signed a prenuptial property agreement here Friday night. a few hours after his wife obtained an interlocutory divorce decree in Los Angeles. Haymes explained that the pact will safeguard Rita’s income and property for the sole use of herself, her children and her heirs. He will not share in her earnings. Haymes said, and she will not be responsible for his obligations. After obtaining her California decree -which becomes final in a year, Mrs. Nora Haymes said she’ll think it over awhile” before signing a waiver that would permit the crooner to get a Nevada divorce next week. Of her decision, Haymes commented. “It might delay us, but it will never, never prevent Rita and me from being married. We wanted to get married about the 2415 of September so I can really work on my singing bookings which start Sept. 28 in Philadelphia “

DRANK TOO MUCH – Mrs. Haymes testified her husband “was terribly jealous and drank too much.” but after the hearing told newsmen she wished Dick and Rita “all the happiness in the world.” One of Haymes’ lawyers. David Marcus, had waited in Los Angeles for Mrs. Haymes to sign the waiver and fly it here. where Haymes has been waiting out his six-week Nevada residence requirement He had planned to wed Rita next Thursday. the day after he becomes eligible for the decree. By signing the document, Nora would waive the 30-day time the law affords her to file an answer to Haymes’ Nevada suit. Marcus explained. He added that her failure to sign means Haymes will have to wait at least 30 days to get the Nevada divorce. TALKS WITH HAHN – Marcus said had talked with Bora’s attorney. S. S. Hahn. “Hahn said he doesn’t know any reason for the hitch except a woman’s prerogative to change her mind,” said Marcus. “He said he’ll use his good offices to effect execution of the waiver by her.” The property pact was drafted by Rita’s lawyer, Bartley Crum. at Haymes’ instigation and was signed shortly before Crum left by plane for San Francisco Friday night. “I love this girl so much.” Haymes said, “that I will do anything in the world to protect her. I intend to stand on my own two feet and to take care of my own troubles … I only thank God that I have her and her love to inspire me enough to work and fight my own battles.” CHARGES CRUELTY – Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes, 28, former wife of Errol Flynn. alleged mental cruelty in her divorce complaint against Haymes, 34. A settlement of S100 a week alimony and a lump sum of $8000 was agreed prior to Friday’s hearing. Married July 17. 1949. the Haymeses had no children.

The crooner meanwhile faces the next installment of deportation proceedings in Los Angeles. Sept. 28 before the U.S Immigration and Naturalization Service. He has asked a continuance to give him time for a honeymoon trip. A native of Argentina. Haymes was charged with illegal re-entry into this country after he visited Miss Hayworth in Hawaii last spring. 

Dick’s Marital Mix-up Headed For Solution       San Mateo Times – 9/21/53

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The madcap marital mix-up of Nora Haymes. crooner Dick Haymes and charmer Rita Hayworth may be heading for a solution today. The situation has the complications of a good jigsaw puzzle but some clarifying developments are expected momentarily that may clear the way for Haymes to marry Miss Hayworth.

Nora. the former wife of Errol Flynn, got a California interlocutory divorce decree against Haymes last Friday. It will be a year before that divorce is final in California. WORLD TOLD OF LOVE – Before she got her decree Haymes told the world that he was in love with Rita and then announced he planned to get a Nevada divorce and marry her September 24.

This miffed Mrs. Haymes, who said her crooner husband had told her he would wait a longer period before taking a new wife. Under Nevada law she is allowed 30 days in which to file an answer to Haymes’ divorce action. But Haymes asked her to sign a waiver that would allow him to marry immediately. Mrs. Haymes balked at signing such a waiver. asking for a delay as a “matter of public decency.” But over the week end she began to relent and yesterday her mother, Mrs. Becky Johnson, said the waiver had been signed and might be notarized today. Another complication is the fact that Haymes faces deportation action by the government. The Immigration service contends that Haymes. a native of Argentina. re-entered the continental United States illegally last spring after a visit with Rita in Hawaii. But his attorneys have dug up an 1855 treaty of the United States and Argentina under which they say a citizen of the South American country is entitled to virtually all the rights of a United States citizen when he is in this country.

HEARING TODAY – A hearing was scheduled in federal court today on the contention of the crooners attorneys that under the treaty he is entitled to a hearing by a special constitutional court of three federal judges. The United States Immigration takes the position that Haymes was not entitled to re-enter the United States because as a citizen of a neutral country he signed a waiver exempting him from United States military duty during World War II and lost his right to become an American citizen.



Las Vegas Wedding for Rita Hayward 8 Dick Haymes Las VEGAS – 9/20/53

Rita Hayworth and Dick Haymes were married today in the Gold Room of the Sands Hotel with a three-minute ceremony that looked more like a Hollywood press conference than a wedding. The bride’s two little daughters, Rebecca. 8, and the Princess Yasmin 5, sat on a divan while their mother and Haymes went through the ceremony in a hotel. The children kept turning their heads horn the photographers back to the wedding ceremony almost as though watching a tennis match. The wedding, staged by a press agent as if it were a scene out of one of Miss Hayworth’s movies. was an hour late. This was due in part to the bride’s nervousness in getting dressed and to the judge’s. tardiness because of a jury trial he was conducting downtown. It was the fourth marriage for each Haymes obtained a Nevada decree only yesterday from Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes. She won a California decree last week. Rita was divorced from Moslem Prince Aly Khan in Reno last January. Rita. smiling radiantly and looking beautiful as a movie queen should. went calmly through the ceremony until she answered with the traditional. “I do ” Then big tears came to her when and she started fidgeting. The ceremony was so brief It was over before the double ring part of the rite could be accomplished Haymes got the ring on Rita’s finger during the three-minute span. but after the wedding was over hotelman Jack Entraner fished out the ring that Rita was supposed to put on Haymes’ finger. So she put it on anyway When her daughter Yasmin sea this. she yelled “Mama. I want a ring too.”
The wedding procession was one of the longest in Las Vegas history Rita and Dick. arm in arm. walked from her quarters in a remote section of the sprawling resort hotel. Several hundred people lined the way. a half dozen or mom standing atop the high diving board at the pool to get a better look. The two came in the side entrance of the hotel, past the casino where two crap games went on with out a miss of the dice. As they went upstairs to where they were to be married. lathered customers of the ‘barber shop lined the hallway and pin-curled matrons got up from the beauty salon to gawk at the wedding parry.
Judge Frank McNamee was still in court so Rita and Dick went into Entratter’s private office where each was bolstered by a shot of bourbon As they sat chatting with a reporter Haymes’ mother called from New York to congratulate her son and new daughter in law. Haynes had to tell his mother. “We’re not named yet. colt you afterwards. I want to get married right now’
As the wedding party entered the ceremony news reel camera men’s bright lights lit up the place like a movie set. They proceeded to a microphone where the judge was waitng. The ceremony started when the press signaled. Rita were a shod-sleeved blue linen dress that she had wow many times before. and a toast colored tulle and velvet hat She wore gloves to match. and caned a bouquet of orchids and lilies of the valley. Haymes wore a pin-striped suit and blue tie.
Rita said. ‘I feel wonderfully happy. I am married to the man I really love. It sounds so wonderful to be called Mrs. Haymes.’ She said she would spend her honeymoon traveling with her husband on his night club tour. They have rented a home in Greenwich. Conn. They plan to Ay to New York Saturday. then later the Philadelphia, where Haymes opens a night club engagement Monday night ‘Our careers in fact nothing will ever separate us: Rita told reporters. She said she intends to make one picture a year and will commute between Connecticut and Hollywood.
Haymes said it is not necessary for him to appear at the Immigration Service hearing on his possible deportation in Los Angeles next Monday. “I have every confidence in the world I will not be deported” he said

Haymes in Nerve Crackup
Crooner Skips Job to Enter Hospital
Long Beach Independent-11/3/53

NEW YORK – Crooner Dick Haymes, beset by alimony and citizenship troubles, entered a hospital here Monday for treatment for “a bad case” of hypertension. Haymes had skipped a singing engagement in Pittsburgh to come here. A spokesman at Park East Hospital said the Argentina-born singer was “resting quietly’ after receiving medication However, the spokesman said Haymes “probably will be here for quite a while ” “He was a bad case of hypertension.” the spokesman said “He was nearly exhausted when he was admitted” Haymes was ordered to the hospital by his physician. Dr. J. H. Movitz The hospital spokesman said the crooners wife. Actress Rita Hayworth. had been told of his illness and “presumably” was on her way here from Hollywood. Haymes’ attomey. David C. Marcus, said in Los Angeles that the singer had called him twice Monday and told him he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Marcus quoted Haymes as saying’ “I don’t know what to do. I’m going insane My nerves are shot. I don’t know where to turn. I want to work. I’m trying to work. but they won’t let me”

Marcus said Haymes’ troubles over alimony to his farmer wife Actress Joanne Dr, plus worries about a deportation hearing had put the singer “almost at the edge of a breakdown” when he was in Hollywood last week.” Rita also told me Dick was physically and mentally exhausted and in a state of collapse,” Marcus said Haymes had been scheduled to start a one-week singing engagement in a Pittsburgh night club Monday night. Jackie Heller, owner of the Carousel Club. said the big crowd that had showed up “had a lot of complaints” about Haymes’ failure to appear

Haymes also missed a press-radio reception early in the day. Haymes deportation hearing is in recess while attorneys seek documents they claim will prove the crooner sought to enlist for military service and was rejected The government is seeking to deport him on grounds he evaded military service during World War II because he was an alien. Marcus said Heroes is trying desperately to divide up his $5000 a week income when he sings at nightclubs among his creditors in an effort to clear some of his troubles with the government his ex wife and others.

news64p17pic1 THEY STILL LOVE THAT BOY RICHARD – When Dick Haymes made his appearance in Philadelphia, for his nite-club debut, his first since marrying Rita Hayworth, of all things not showing up with Rita (who stayed at home with the children) these girls, all about Rita age, just couldn’t resist getting autograph from their Richard. (And don’t Sink he didn’t like it, but Insisted that a man or two be in the picture, so Rita wouldn’t get angry
(The Associated Press Sept. 29, 1953)
Los Angeles Times     Nov. 27, 1953

Dick Haymes Expelled by Actors Union

      New York News Press Same. NEW YORK. Nov. 26 – Actors Equity Association, the stage actors union, has expelled Argentine-born Fihn Actor Dick Haymes, newest husband of Rita Hayworth.
      Early last month, Equity dispatched a letter to Harms who is facing deportation proceedings requesting an explanation of certain alleged misstatements in his membership application. The letter stated that Hermes would be given six weeks in which to answer and added that if he failed to do so the union would have no alternative but to cancel his membership.
      The six weeks elapsed, with no word from Haymes or his attomeys, according to an Equity spokesman, who today confirmed a report that at last Tuesday’s meeting the Equity council had taken formal action to cancel Haymes membership.

Dick Haymes and Wife Bar Door of Room to Deputies New York Times – 2/3/54 NEW YORK – Singer Dick Haymes and his actress wife Rita Hayworth kept to their hotel suite today while two deputy sheriffs waited outside the locked doom to arrest him. The deputies arrived at 8 p.m. last night with a civil arrest order obtained by Haymes’ former wife. actress Joanne Dru. Lawyers for Haymes and Miss Dru followed the officials on the scene: the doors remained closed to them and reporters and photographers. Today the deputies and newsmen were still in the 12th floor corridor outside the couples hotel Madison suite. The attorneys were gone but planned to meet tomorrow.
      The civil arrest order was signed yesterday by Supreme Court Justice James McNally on the strength of a similar one from the California courts. Miss Dru alleged in the complaint that Haymes concealed asset for the purpose of defrauding creditors” and owes her $33,320. The singer has admitted he owes her $32,000. He also has violated an agreement with her to give her 10
percent of his earnings to clear the bill, she alleged. Miss Dru, who said Haymes, earned $40,000 between August, 1953 and last month, put up a $3,000 bond as a guarantee for costs in the event that Haymes has been wrongly accused in the case. Her attorney, Lewis Greenbaum, said that included in the amount sought by Miss Dru is $25.000 in Califomia taxes which she paid and other debts. Greenbaum was on the scene last night with Miss Hayworth’s lawyer, Bartley Crum. who acted for Haymes. Crum talked to the couple through the door. Later Crum and Greenbaum said they would meet tomorrow. Crum said they would try “to arrange an agreement out of court Greenbaum refused to confirm this.
      Crum told newsmen he would do anything he could to alleviate the mental anguish suffered by Miss Hayworth.” The attorney said Haymes is ‘unwilling to go into bankruptcy… really wants to pay his debts” and “is not working now.”
      The Califomia order calls for Haymes’ arrest on bail of $26,000 apparently the sum he must post as security in the cased if he wants to remain free. Deputy Sheriffs Sam Engleman and Charles de Lancey who brought the order to the hotel, said they knocked and Haymes asked who was there. When they answered. the officials said Haymes replied that he wanted to consult an attorney first. In the civil case such as this arresting officers cannot force entry. They can in a criminal case.
news64p19pic1 BACK AND FORTH – Dick Haymes spends a busy day flying between Washington’s National and New York’s LaGuardia’s airports today. In Washington, Haymes said he would be here “for a couple of hours” to press his fight against deportation to his native Argentina. Haymes said he hoped to see Senator William Langer (R-ND), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which help write the nation’s immigration laws. Haymes is accompanied by his Attorney Bartley Crum. Later, Haymes is seen in telephone booth at the Mayflower Hotel. In New York, Haymes applied for a passport at the Argentine Embassy. His lawyer said Haymes wanted to renew his passport until he can acquire American citizenship. (Associated Press March 24, 1954)
news64p19pic2 news64p19pic3


Haymes Alimony Agreement Ends Hotel Siege Anderson Herald- 2/3/50
NEW YORK – A 24-hour siege that isolated Dick Haymes and Rita Hayworth in their comfortable 12th Poor hotel suite was lifted Tuesday night. Debt-enforcing sheriffs deputies decamped from the corridor outside their locked door after besieging them since 8 p.m. Monday. Haymes locked the door and stayed inside rather than face arrest.
      A compromise was worked out between Haymes and one of his former wives, who claims he is heavily in arrears in his divorce payments. Under sheriff H. William Kehl left the peace conference in the Haymes suite to tell newsmen: “He’s a pretty swell guy. The important thing to Haymes was that Rita should not be involved or hurt in any way.” “They were both looked like scared children” Haymes’ attorney, Bartley Crum. later told reporters ‘We have reached an understanding but the terms will remain private at this time.”
      Crum had spoken earlier of an immediate 84.000 payment as a possible basis for settlement with Haymes’ former wife, actress Joanne Dru. The night club singer and his bride, Miss Hayworth. went without food for the first 18 hours of their besiegernent. Then the law called a temporary truce and lunch was wheeled in to them. The deputies outside long since had fortified themselves with sandwiches and coffee. The deputies took up their posts Monday night. seeking to arrest Haymes on a civil court order obtained by Miss Dru. lawyer. Miss Dru claims Haymes owes her $33,323 under terms of their 1948 separation. She was the second of Haymes’ four wives. They had three children. She is newly married to actor John Ireland. Miss Dru wants Haymes arrested unless he pays up or posts a 926,000-bond to insure that he will pay up. She claims he has earned $40,000 in the last six months, with-out giving her a cent. The deputies held an arrest order but had no power to break into Haymes’ Madison Hotel suite to enforce it. Howevez they were free to enter once the door was unlocked.
     Both Haymes and Miss Hayworth have claimed they are broke He doesn’t have any money. he’s broke.’ Attn. Crum told reporters in the lobby of the hotel. As for Rita putting up the bond money for her bridegroom of five months Crum said. Why should she? Do you think that’s fair? I don’t. Neither does Dick Why should she pay the debts incurred by Haymes with Joanne Dm. She doesn’t think she should and I don’t think she should either.
      I haven’t the remotest idea where the bond will be obtained. Haymes is $30.000 in arrears in his income tax payments to the government and there is an arrangement to pay that amount over a period of time.” Besides his money troubles. the 34-year-old Haymes also faces a federal deportation action. He is accused of re-entering this country illegally last spring after a visit to Rita in Hawaii. A native of the Argentine. Haymes first came to this country in 1937. He never became a citizen. Haymes and the glamorous Miss Hayworth were wed in a three-minute Las Vega. Nev ceremony. She had recently divorced Aly Khan. Sheriffs Deputies Sam Engelmeyer and Charles Delaney, toting pistols. knocked on Haymes’ door late Monday ‘Who is it?” the crooner asked. Engelmeyer identified himself and explained his mission “I’m waiting to see my lawyer. Haymes told him through the locked door, “and I won’t come out until I do” ‘We’ll wait” Engelmeyer assured him.
Los Angeles Times Feb 10,1954
Pre-induction Physical Given Haymes Described
NEW YORK. Feb. 9. (AP) Two former members of the Army Medical Corps testified today concerning a pre-induction physical examination given Singer Dick Haymes in August. 1945. Haynes, husband of Actress Rita Hayworth is fighting a deportation action brought on the allegation that he evaded military service by claiming Argentine citizenship. “I found him suffering from hypertension.” Dr. Frank Guidotti told newsmen prior to testifying at a closed proceeding in the office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Haymes and Miss Hayworth did not attend the session. Guidotti formerly was chief medical officer at the Army Induction S7ation at Grand Central Palace. Also testifying was Anthony R. Cortaro, formerly an Army sergeant and chief medical clerk at the induction station. Edward J. Shaughnessy, district immigration director, said the testimony “will be written up and forwarded to Los Angeles for use of the Hearing Officer there who will conduct the regular hearing in the deportation case.” Shaughnessy said the two witnesses “testified to the effect that on August 8, 1945, Haynes appeared and was examined by the doctor as to his physical fitness for military service.” The witnesses gave the depositions at the request of defense attorneys. 
L.A. Daily News Feb. 21, 1954
Real Issue in Haymes Case
Los Angeles, Feb.20 (UP) All Hollywood hullabaloo aside, the real issue in the deportation order against Dick Haymes, a singer, is the interpretation of the McCarron Act and whether, by its terms, Hawaii is a “foreign country” even though it is a territory of the United States. The Immigration and Naturalization Service has held that Haymes is an alien ineligible for citizenship because he claimed his birth in Argentina, a time neutral country, provided him with exemption from our wartime draft laws. THE McCARRAN Ace provides that when an alien ineligible for citizenship leaves the country, he may not return. The immigration service found this to be the case when Haymes returned here June 7. 1953. from a visit to Hawaii. Now that Haymes’ attorneys have filed notice of appeal from the domination order, the warrant will not be served until the board in Washington has had a final say. If the appeals board sustains the order, Haymes may take his case to the federal courts for final test of the issue. ALL THE PUBLICITY about Haymes’ ill-fated Hawaiian trip comes at a most embarrassing time: when President Eisenhower is trying to get a Hawaiian statehood bill through Congress, If the deportation order interprets the McCorran Act to mean that Hawaii is a foreign country because it is not a part of continental United States, then Congress will be in the position of conferring citizenship on people who clearly are not eligible for it.

Amy Jade Winehouse by Susan Calter

When I first saw Amy Winehouse on a magazine cover…what did I see? First her bazar hair style and clothes not to forget her make-up application and tattooed body. I guess when you are not into her off-beat look, you really don’t want to hear what the singer sounds like. We have all been there using this negativity in various applications. Why are we so quick to judge? Hearing the news of her death in the summer of 2011…was anyone surprised? amy_winehouse01
Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones warned her years earlier that “she won’t be around long if her behavior doesn’t change.” Amy was then added to the ominous list of famous performers who died at the glorious age of 27…Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and more recently, actor Jonathan Brandis who died on November 12, 2002.

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Dick & Rita Part 2 Compiled Susan Calter

Los Angeles

High Court Will Decide Alien Case Like Haymes
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 – (AP)

The Supreme Court today agreed to decide an alien exclusion case that could have a bearing on Singer Dick Haymes’ efforts to escape deportation.

Specifically, the high court will review a decision that Congress had the power to bar aliens from returning to the United States from an outlying American possession. Haymes is contesting deportation proceedings brought against him on the grounds he was ineligible to re-enter the United States after he visited Rita Hayworth in Honolulu last June.

October 13, 1954


Haymes. a native of Argentina, and Rita since have been married. His case has not yet reached the court stage. The case now before the Supreme Court involves the decision by a special three judge Federal court in Seattle that aliens who leave Seattle to work in Alaska fish canneries during the summer may be barred under the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act. Constitutionality of the bar was questioned by officers of Local 37. International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union. They said the union has more than 3000 members. most of whom are aliens.

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