Dick & Rita Part 1-3 Compiled by Susan Calter

VFW Acted In Haymes’ Deportation Proceedings – Commander Reveals  Newsport Daily News – 3/25/54
MANCHESTER N. H. – Wayne E Richards. national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, said last night his organization had something to do with trying to get crooner Dick Flames deported He told a banquet meeting that the VFW had asked U.S Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell to deport Haymes. and added “I read In some of the papers that Dick and his wife, Rita Hayworth are charging ‘pressure in government for their departure’. They don’t identify the influence. I’ll gladly take pad of the influence.” He said also: “I say if any man like Haymes makes a lot of dough in this country and is afraid, or refuses to serve his country in time of need, he can go back to Argentina and take Rita with him.” Neither Haymes nor his attorney could be reached for comment.
WASHINGTON (AP) – After a whirling dervish visit to the nation’s capital. Crooner Dick Haymes took off for New York declaring “they haven’t got a chance of kicking me out of the country” But the singer. husband of Rita Hayworth. declined to say immediately just how he expects to escape deportation to his native Argentina. The immigration service ordered his deportation on the grounds of illegal re-entry into the country last June.
      Haymes said he hoped to have a statement of his plans in two or three days – “when I know what I am going to do – which I do not now.” But apparently in good humor after a day spent in Washington he added. “I haven’t a worry in the world.” With Haymes was his attomey Bartley Crum, who said he tned without success to reach Sen. Langer (R) of North Dakota. Langer was on the Senate floor during much of the day. Crum said he will return to Washington today and try again to see Langer, whom he has asked to check immigration files on Haymes’ case. Crum said he believes some source outside of government inspired the deportation action against Haymes and said “In those files we understand there is the name of the informant”
Rita Renews Passport – Dick Snaps at Newsmen Charleston Gazette – 3/31/54
NEW YORK – March 20 – Rita Hayworth, with husband Dick Haymes at her side. got her passport renewed today. Haymes, who has been ordered deported from the U S would say whether they are giving up the fight to have the crooner remain in America. The red-haired movie actress, Haymes and Rita’s older daughter. 10 year-old Rebecca Welles made a personal appearance at the U S passport agency In Rockefeller Center. Rita. wearing a full-length mink coat. and Haymes. unshaven and wearing dark glasses, let Rita’s lawyer. Bartley Crum, do their talking for them. The actress stared at the wall as Crum arranged the renewal of her passport and those of her children. Rebecca and four year old Princess Yasmin.
      Yasmin remained at Rita’s Madison Hotel suite. Crum refused to comment on the status of Haymes’ appeal from deportation to his native Argentina. The lawyer’s explanation of the passport renewals was “It’s always wise to have your passport in order.” Neither Rita nor Haymes spoke as they signed papers changing the name on Rita’s passport from Princess Aly Khan to Mrs Dick Haymes Rita who has said she will follow Haymes if he is deported. appeared nervous and pale. The crooner, who has been ordered deported on illegal entry grounds. snapped “no comment’ when asked if he planned to give up his appeal.
      Haymes, it was teamed, has received an Argentinean passport permitting him to travel as a citizen of Argentina An unconfirmed rumor reported Haymes and Rite with her children, plan to go to Europe next month. But Dick and Rita both refused to answer questions as to their travel plans. Crum also declined to comment on the effect a trip abroad would have on Haymes’ deportation appeal.
      It was Rita’s second try today for a passport renewal. She arrived first in the morning. but refused to wait in line and got her papers signed and paid for in 15 minutes. The couple made their exit hand-in-hand, with little Rebecca trotting along on one side and Crum warding off autograph fans on the other.
Los Angeles Examiner March 16, 1954
Ex – U. S. Official Says He Was Ordered Not to Talk

      A former Immigration official yesterday said he had been ordered not to warn Crooner Dick Haymes that be would face deportation upon his return from a Honolulu visit with Rita Hayworth last summer.
      In an affidavit, Richard Cody, of Huntington Park, attorney and former head of the Immigration Service’s border crossing unit here, said the order was contradictory to the department’s usual policy of advising aliens of technicalities that might cause them trouble
      Haymes local attorney, David Marcus, said Cody’a statement indicated a ‘trap was laid” for the singer. He added that the document would be submitted to the Senate judiciary committee, which has been asked to investigate the Haymes deportation order. ASKED ADVICE —
Cody, who left the service last January, said the Argentine-born Haymes had been issued an alien registration receipt card by him last May 25.
      Haymes requested advice Cody said, as to what documents were necessary for his re-entry.
      “I told him the card I issued him would suffice,’ said Cody, adding that he did not know at that time that Haymes had forfeited his right to apply for citizenship, and thus legal re-entry, by having claimed World War 11 draft exemption as neutral alien.
      An unnamed superior then advised Cody that Haymes had claimed the draft exemption and possibly was excludable under provisions of the 1952 McCarron Act. DENIED —
“I asked if we should warn Mr. Haymes,” Cody stated, “but my superior said it was not necessary to advise him concerning his possible excludability.”
      Informed of the affidavit, Herman R. Landon, local director of Immigration and Naturalization, denied knowing of such an order to Cody.
“I did not know of the possibly excludability of Harries until after he returned from Hawaii, after which 1 instituted an investigation,” he said.
      Landon denied “outside pressure” had prompted the inquiry Miss Hayworth has implied Hollywood interests sought to break up her romance with Haymes last summer to protect her as a revenue producer.

Lawyer Says Dick Haymes Was Victim —
Claims Plot To Deport Singer
The Bee – 5/12/54
WASHINGTON DC – Dick Haymes- lawyer charges that the Argentine-born crooner is the victim of an official effort to get him out of the country by “any means moral or immoral Welburn May cock Haymes’ Washington attorney so argued yesterday in seeking to convince the Board of Immigration Appeals to set aside a government deportation order pending against the singer The board took the case under consideration After hearing Maycock’s argument. the government said it would let its case against Haymes stand on the record. but might file a brief later.

      WASHINGTON DC – Dick Haymes- lawyer charges that the Argentine-born crooner is the victim of an official effort to get him out of the country by “any means moral or immoral Welburn May cock Haymes’ Washington attorney so argued yesterday in seeking to convince the Board of Immigration Appeals to set aside a government deportation order pending against the singer The board took the case under consideration After hearing Maycock’s argument. the government said it would let its case against Haymes stand on the record. but might file a brief later. The government contends Haymes lost his eligibility for citizenship when during World War II he claimed exemption as an alien from the draft It brought its deportation action against the 35-year-old singer after Haymes visited Hawaii last June to be with movie actress Rita Hayworth whom he later married The government contended Haymes left the country and re-entered illegally Neither Haymes nor Miss Hayworth was on hand when Maycock argued that f Haymes departure was “in-voluntary” because the immigration service did not warn him he might be deportable if he left continental U S shores Maycock characterized this failure to warn Haymes as “just the same as lying to him ” Maycock introduced a deposition horn Richard R Cody a 10-year employee of the-immigration service at Los Angeles in which Cody said his superiors had given him specific instructions not to caution Haymes he might be deportable if he went to Hawaii Cody said it was routine practices to tell aliens what might happen to them if they left the country “If I had been permitted to I would have warned Mr Haymes of his possible exclusion,” the deposition said. The attorney said this amounted to ‘a complete-case of official entrapment” and that it appeared “somebody pretty high” was trying to gel I laymen at any price using any means. moral or immoral to get him out of the country” 2 Haymes never left the country because Hawaii is a U S territory 3 Haymes cannot be deported because of an 1853 treaty between Argentina and the United States which guarantees free travel to nationals in each other’s territory 4 The draft-exemption paper which Haymes signed in 1944 should be disregarded since the singer disclaimed it shortly afterwards and sought to enlist In the Army The attorney said re was elected because docto-s found he suffered from hypertension

Board Suspends Deportation of Actor Haymes Derrick – 5/26/54
WASHINGTON – The Board of Immigration Appeals today suspended a deportation order standing against actor I singer Dick Haymes husband of actress Rita Hayworth The board ordered the Immigration Service to re-open Haymes case for further hearings. The board acted on the basis of a charge by Haymes’ attorney that the 35-year-old crooner had been subjected to “entrapment by immigration officials when he went to Hawaii last June to visit Miss Hayworth whom he subsequently married When the board argument on the deportation order entered in Marcn Haymes lawyer offered an affidavit by Richard R Cody former Immigration Service employee Ispi at Los Angeles Cody said in the Affidavit that when Haymes arranged the Hawaii trip immigration officials instructed Cody not to warn Haymes that he might be ineligible to resume residence in the Untied States once he left the mainland.
The attorney Welbum Maycock told the board that there appeared to be on official effort to get the Argentine – born Haymes out of the country by any means moral or immoral Immigration officials have said that Haymes claimed exemption from the draft dunng World War It as an alien and that nrs return to the United States violated the conditions of his admissibility here.
      Haymes’ counsel argued at the May hearing that the singer never actually left the country, since Hawaii is U.S. territory. They contented the draft-exemption paper which Haymes signed in 1944 should be disregarded too, because he disclaimed it soon afterwards and toed to enlist in the army The attorneys said he was rejected because doctors found he suffered from hypertension.
Haymes Attorney Asks If Brownell Ordered Arrest  Corpus Christi Times 6/29/54-
by James Bacon
LOS ANGELES. June 29 (AP) – Did Atty Gen Herbert Brownell order the arrest of Dick Haymes in spite of the government promised 60 day truce Counsel for the crooner said that question will be asked today of Herman Landon, director of the Los Angeles district of the U.S. Immigration Service, most important witness called yet in the reopened deportation hearing.
ARREST ORDER TRACED – David Marcus attorney for Haymes posed the question yesterday for Thomas D. McDermott, the immigration official who arrested Haymes last August on a warrant issued by Landon. McDermott said he had no recollection of who ordered the arrest. McDermott testified that on July 8. 1953, he told Haymes the government would allow him a 60-day grace period in which he could adjust his legal status and seek special congressional help. If during the 60 day period. some congressman or senator would introduce a bill in Haymes’ behalf then, McDermott said he promised, the immigration authorities would grant the crooner another 60 days before taking action.
      Haymes arrest came on Aug 5. 1953 less than a month after the promise was made the record shows “Is it not true.” asked Marcus of McDermott “that Mr Landon ordered the arrest warrant served on instructions of the attorney general of the United States, “I have no recollection,” McDermott replied. Haymes was arrested on the deportation charge shortly after he returned from a romantic visit with Rita Hayworth, now Mrs. Haymes, in Hawaii The crooner was ordered deported following an earlier hearing. The government contended Haymes was not eligible for admission to the mainland after leaving since he had claimed draft exemption during World War II as a citizen of a neutral country, his native Argentina.

CLAIMS ENTRAPMENT – The hearing was reopened after Richard Cody. a former Immigration official, made an affidavit to the effect that Landon instructed him not to warn Haymes that the Hawaiian trip would make him exportable. A parade of immigration officials, from information clerk to chief of the entry and departure section. testified that it was policy and practice of the department to warn aliens of any technicalities that might bar their re-entry into the United States. Haymes’ counsel contends that the singer was entrapped In making himself liable for deportation

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