Dick & Rita Part 1-2 Compiled by Susan Calter

Rita Calls it ‘Rotten’
Crooner Haymes to Be Deported
Los Angeles Times – 3/23/54
LOS ANGELES – Crooner Dick Haymes today was ordered deported to his native Argentina on a charge of illegally re-entering the United States after visiting Rita Hayworth in Hawaii last June. His attorney promptly appealed this cruel and inhuman banishment, emanating from inspired proceedings” to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington.
      The attorney. David C. Marcus. said Haymes will fight the order to the U. S. Supreme Court if necessary. Marcus declined to elaborate his claim of “inspired proceedings.” In New York, Miss Hayworth. now Haymes’ wife echoed Marcus’ sentiment when she declared. “I will stand by Dick. There is something rotten in this procedure Her attorney. Bartley Crum, said Haymes’ debts could be settled for 820,000, exclusive of what he owes Joanne Dru, his former wife. Haymes has a number of singing contracts, Crum said, and “he and Rita have signed for a motion picture.” District Director Herman R. Landon of the Immigration and Naturalization Service announced the deportation order It said
1. A special inquiry officer found that Haymes became ineligible to citizenship because he obtained a World War II draft exemption as a neutral alien.
2. Upon returning to continental United States from Hawaii last June 7, Haymes was “excludable by law at that time” and accordingly was found deportable.
3. Haymes failed to give notice of his address during January 1953 and did not establish that the failure to do so was reasonably excusable or was not willful.” The medal inquiry officer, Joseph A Dummel, found that Haymes was therefore subject to deportation under another provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.
      Concerning this portion of the charge. Crum la New York said the singer attempted to give notice of his address on Saturday. Jan. 31, but found the office closed and made the notification on Feb 2. Haymes and Miss Hayworth, whom he married last fall, are in New York. The film star is his fourth wife. The deportation order said ‘The record shows that on several occasions Haymes claimed to have been born in the United States. He did not register as an alien in 1940 as required by the Allen Registration Act He did not register until required to do so by the Immigration and Naturalization, Service in August 1944.” Marcos said Haymes tried three times to enter U. S military service. took physical examinations, and was rejected for physical unfitness. Haymes then “unhesitatingly gave of his talents, energy and efforts to our armed forces and was cited by every branch of the military and naval forces of the United States for outstanding meritorious service during the war.” the attorney continued.
Haymes Asks – Who Started Deportation Waterloo Daily Courier – 3/24/54
NEW YORK — Dick Haymes and Rita Hayworth asked friends in Washington Wednesday to find out who “inspired” the government deportation action against the Argentine-Dom crooner. Bartley Crum. attorney for the singer and his red-haired actress wife, charged that “interested parties brought pressure on the government” to deport Haymes and sabotage his six-month marriage to Rita. ‘There are parties who want to see this marriage broken up.” Crum said. Miss Hayworth said she would stick by her trouble-plagued husband “to the end” in his fight against the deportation order landed down Tuesday by the U. S. Immigration Service. Haymes. through his attorney, said he will fight the case to the U S Supreme Court if necessary. District Director Herman R Landon of the U. S. Immigration Service declared. This order is final and a deportation warrant will be issued forthwith.”
      May Be Appealed – However, Landon said. the deportation order may be appealed within 15 days to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington. D C.. and in such case the deportation will be held up pending a decision. Haymes’ attorney. David Marcus. immediately termed the action “cruel and inhuman banishment.’ The attorney said the crooner. now in New York with Miss Hayworth. whom he married after the trip to Hawaii. will fight “to vindicate his honor, his reputation and to clear his name from these unwarranted and unjustified charges”
      Filed Draft Exemption – Landon. in his announcement said Special Inquiry Officer Joseph A. Dummel found that Haymes was ineligible for U S citizenship because’ he filed an application for draft exemption as a neutral alien. The inquiry officer ruled that because of this application Haymes became subject by law to exclusion from this country. Landon said a second reason for the deportation order was a finding that Haymes had failed to furnish notification of his address during January. 1953. and did not establish that such failure was reasonably excusable or was not willful. Marcus’ statement said Visit to Hawaii “Stripped of its legal verbiage, the order is predicated upon a visit in 1953 of Mr. Haymes to the Territory of Hawaii and his return to California in a matter of days and the filing of his address report one day late with the Immigration Service. The attomey said Haymes three times tried to enter U. S military service, took physical examinations for this purpose “was rejected solely because of physical unfitness and then unhesitatingly gave of his talents energy and efforts to our armed forces.” Haymes attorney added ‘We have taken an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington.”
Singer Dick Haymes Applies for Passport to Argentina Wisconsin State Journal – 3/25/54
WASHINGTON – Crooner Dick Haymes today sporting a beard but minus his beautiful wife Rita Hayworth, applied for a passport Wednesday to return to his native Argentina Haymes. who was ordered to leave the United Statee flew to Washington for a visit at the Argentine Embassy Officials say he was applying for a passport. It was not mentioned if he would leave US voluntanly. Haymes’ attorney. Bartley Crum, said ‘the charges against him were pretty thin Crum indicated skullduggery on the part of unnamed person in an effort to break up his clients six – month maniage to Rita.
       After a visit of nearly an hour with Ambassador Hipolito Pan. Haymes avoided reporters and slipped out a back door An embassy spokesman said Haymes left word he had “no comment.” He said he assumed that Haymes would get his passport. Haymes gave embassy officials no indications of his travel plane Crum had said he and his client might see Cherman William Langer (R-N.D. ) of the Senate Judiciary Committee which handles immigration matters. They apparently made no effort to do so. however. Langer said his only interest in the case is to see that Haymes gets a “square deal” from the government.
      Haymes’ troubles started when he pursued Rita to Hawaii In a widely – publicized courtship The U.S.Immigration Service said he re-entered this country illegally.

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