Dick & Rita Part 2 Compiled Susan Calter

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High Court Will Decide Alien Case Like Haymes
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 – (AP)

The Supreme Court today agreed to decide an alien exclusion case that could have a bearing on Singer Dick Haymes’ efforts to escape deportation.

Specifically, the high court will review a decision that Congress had the power to bar aliens from returning to the United States from an outlying American possession. Haymes is contesting deportation proceedings brought against him on the grounds he was ineligible to re-enter the United States after he visited Rita Hayworth in Honolulu last June.

October 13, 1954


Haymes. a native of Argentina, and Rita since have been married. His case has not yet reached the court stage. The case now before the Supreme Court involves the decision by a special three judge Federal court in Seattle that aliens who leave Seattle to work in Alaska fish canneries during the summer may be barred under the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act. Constitutionality of the bar was questioned by officers of Local 37. International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union. They said the union has more than 3000 members. most of whom are aliens.

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